Cannot decide my Title between wanna be blogger or Wanna be blogger since 2008, so i decided it'll only be #Blogger2015.
Under this Hashtag there's some kind of award show coming for some bloggers, who I've never heard of. I've checked the nominees and had to write the following:

lol, good that mine is right now on hiatus. I don't know anyone.

Instagram is NOT A BLOG! Oh boy, if I just read, someone calls themself a Instagram Blogger...

After that some Twitter Account came and wrote some silly, typical troll stuff. First, I was nice. You can read it in german, don't bother to translate that shit. I've told him, I am not repeating myself, then he started to stalk me. He published some screenshots to proof, I have 99% Fake Followers.
   He seems to not stoping it. I've blocked that Account.
Other people were on my side. Some were writing discussing. Some were writing articles about that Instagram is not a Blog some time ago on their Blogs and send me. I am not alone with that thought. Yet, this Person seems to be so pissed off, that I am not with his mind thinking, that he had to troll me. I am not giving him that power. Remember, couple of times ago, when some other people thought, making fun off me? I published all their secrets. You wanna get now some secrets from that person for entertainment, right? Actually, I've lost that passion...

Look, I am not responsible for the followers I get. If theses people writing or not, is not in my hands. If they have eggs as an Profile Pic or not. That is not my decision.
I've reaserched for tools, to check, how many of my followers are fake.

:X That really doesn't look good.
This tool says it was audit 3 years ago. Re Audit I must pay.. hahahah NO.
But when I check Shokotans Audit, it also says 3 years ago. Other people, too.. ?
Seems, I don't get it haha.
"This score is based on number of tweets, date of the last tweet, and ratio of followers to friends."

I have to repeat myself with this. I am not responsible for what my followers are doing!
So a tool is just a tool. With no perfect results.
And to heck, why is some stranger, who is not brave enough, to share their face, interested in how many followers I have?
Fuck you!

Ah I won't gonna blog this in german. Don't care anymore. This is so much shit. So much ridiculous shit I cannot.

Get a Life and leave me alone with my "Fake Followers"!


btw my other account https://www.twitteraudit.com/thechloelenne has 95% real. Audited 2 minutes ago.


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