Eclipse 2015

What a beautiful day it is for a eclipse viewing! No clouds. Only blue sky.

 They say, you need some special glasses.
Special enough, heh?? haha  :D

 My first try of the eclipse was a fail...
 Remember my previous post? I published a picture of my 1999 self. Today I take a similar picture of mine.
 While waiting for the eclipse.
Bff made herself breakfast. I already ate.
 Via Twitter we found out how to take pictures of the eclipse, since it doesn't work at all to take pics from the sun and get eclipse. On Twitter they said, we need to reflect it.
 My first try with the bestest face :D :D :'D
First I didn't recognize the eclipse in the picture. Later when checking the picture, I've seen the eclipse on my neck!
Hurry it worked.
 Another one :D
I also tried to get here one but I guess it didn't worked...

Here are some Vines from Bff


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