Thinking too much

It seems, people always thinking, I am writing about them. Guess, my writing skills are damn good, when there are people out there thinking, I am writing about them, heh? :D
I had the DEG Stans and whatsoever I can't remember anymore, who wrote me either here, in my Tumblr inbox, on Facebook and so on the weirdest things.
Anyways. First I 've wrote a List with names here, the ones, I am talking about, even don't write any names here. But then decided to delete it, because why should I? Really, stop thinking, I am writing about you. And most of all stop complaining, whining, being pissed off in my inbox. I don't care.
If we don't see each other, I have no intends to write about you. About what anyway?
Are we making any memories together?

Ok, Pizza is calling. :)


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