New layout 2015 Version

Awww! She did it again! A layout change.

This time it's full white pink and not much black. :) I still like my previous theme, but wanted to change it now. It's actually an old layout recycling thing haha.
I've worked on this layout long time ago but wasn't happy with the header picture. Now it came out to be blank white. And me of course.... Hehe

The idea of looking down I copycat from Ayu. Saw it at her ITunes Store and thought: Hey! That's a good idea for a header. Go do yourself one! =D
So I did.
Perhaps I'll add more things so come back to check, ok? =D
My header picture taken with the phone. Used my selfie stick for it. ( ^ω^ )
Also tried to take pics with the LUMIX but didn't turn out good, so I stick with the camera version.

The first try is mostly not good. That's why girls taking a trillion pictures before uploading only one.
 The next one screaming: hey! Where is face? Cannot see you at all! Eyes! It's the eyes...

Looks nice. But not as I wanted.
This one is the one I use.


I am back to black, since I've found the error in my mobile html. :)


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