Love all the money

Sawrry for long time no new stuff on here!

I forcing myself in to a new post here for you. (And because I wanna update it, since I find it really outdated.)

When I am very confused of  overthinking I sometimes start to puzzle.
With money...
At least it feels so for me. I place all my money in one space and start to puzzle. I put them all up in this one:

 It calms me down and I stop overthinking. I start to relax.
 I also love to collect coins with different layouts on the back. In Europe, you have for each country different backgrounds on the coins.
I wanna catch em all! :D (Yes this was reffered to Pokemon hehehe.)

 In a month alot of mini coins can be collected.
I've bought these coins on ebay. They are limited new background coins and I never seen them before and since the price was equal I thought, why not? All you gain is a new point for you at ebay so your star will change the color soon. Hurray! :D
I paid 10€ and got 10€.


  1. I read your blog in the last 2 weeks in this month, because I dont have free time but you make me want to read more and more :) I like to read something I am so sorry for not asking for your permission, well actually I dont want to give comment but just now I decided to comment, :) have a good day:)


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