Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Barbie Dream House & Birthday

Since I've heard Barbie House is open in Berlin, I wanted to go.
Now finally accomplished it.♪

From far away.

Barbie Cafe!

My face says it all. A bunch of boys. Yes BOYS at the Barbie House.
First they came out of the house and then they were making pics at the fountain.

I not went into the house, coz had not that much time. It was BFF's Birthday, I had to come home and heading to her home.

Before, I bought myself food:
But I wasn't hungry anymore. I only drank the Shake but somehow I managed to eat one mc chicken. The other one a birthday present for bff! :D
Just some pics from the day.
I don't upload pics here from others only me.
Privacy etc. ;)
Got my Birthday Pic with BFF, but also no upload. Perhaps she upload on her Blog.

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