Thursday, May 9, 2013

When I try to be social active...

(Please read the picture upwards.)

So recently I started to be kinda active in the Shoutboxes on Lastfm for several artists.
I cam across the ALI PROJECT Site and found this Question:


Can anyone upload the oldest ALI PROJECT albums? It's impossible to find them ;-;

I was like: Hell, you don't know Sites such as yesasia, cdjapan or even ebay?

Then a answer came:

@Simo_Pamyu: you can find them at bla bla website.

Apparently there really are people giving others an easy way to get music for free without paying.
This Simo guy was happy and then asked the question above. You see my answer and his reaction.

I can understand, when you download music for free, just because you wanna listen the Album and since I talk about japanese Albums and you can't get them in europe that easy nor have a chance in listening before buying, I totally accept this.
But delete the files later and buy if you like the Album.

Now I come to the question:

AM I RUDE for telling people, they should stop illegal download music?

I know, it is fu* expensive, to buy an Album from Japan.
But is this enough reason for it?
Or am I just the silly blonde, who thinks, people need to be paid for the work, they've done?
I have like zero idea, how much money the artist will get, if you buy CD.
Maybe 1 Dollar?
Is it then maybe better to not buy album, but mp3 files?
Ah I dunno....

He wrote:
 If you have enough money to buy every cd you like, I'm really happy for you. DALI and Gekka no Ichigun are not my favorite albums from them, so I do without them. Don't talk about something you know nothing about. Yyou are very rude and presumptuous, bah

I was just:
ARE YOU KIDDING ME for heaven's sake?

What should I don't talk about?
That you're a poor little boy from Italy?

That you use these lazy finish speaking for an excuse?

Is it ALI PROJECT's fault, you don't own the money to buy the Albums?
How about looking at the Italy Itunes?
How about looking at the Italy amazon mp3?
I don't know, if you'r country has any files up there like my country has.

Would YOU like to work for free, while others enjoying watching you working?

I know, it is sometimes really annoying to pay for music, especially, when there is so much coming out, that you think: This will reduce your bank account to -700 ...

I am happy, there are Websites out there such as deezer and I also am happy, I can listen to japanese Music for free on youtube. That also not nice, I know.
But there's a fuc*ing difference.

This stupid answer just pisses me off so much.

People like Simo are the reasons, the little musicians can't make it. Not that ALI PROJECT is little ...

I am rude....yeah
Just because I pay my ass off, renounce have a cellphone nor a tablet, giving all my money to these musicians so they can make more music and you come and get everything for free.
Fuck off lah!


BTW the price for the Albums is US$26.49 [~€20.19]
I know it is much, but to hell with these excuses. If you buy one Album every month, that should be ok.
Or tell friends that you wish them for your birthday.
Just stop smoking for a bit, then you can pay for it.
There is so much, you can do instead of telling:

Ah the Albums are not my favorite, so I go download them illegally and don't pay ALI PROJECT for the work, the have done for me and my ears. I don't say thank you to them with it.
Coz this is, for me, what I do when I buy an album and wait over a month, until it arrived.
(I wait since January for 2 Album's to arrive here, yesasia even send them again. So I hope, I will get them. But this is another Topic, I could open. What if online shop send them and resend them, but CD never arrive at home? What shall I do then? There's only one thing,,....oh well..... fuck.
I have disarmed myself right now.)


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