End Result

of this Day?
I had fun with Tuner.

Weather was good.
(I really have nothing else to say?)
Well... it became a bit queerly recently for me to write about me. About my life.
Private things. Since I knew People whom I don't like reading my blog, I feel very.. indisposed.
But this is something, I have to work against it.
And also writing articles in english is a fantastic Idea, but my english isn't good enough. I would love to continue to write articles, not just these short posts. And I will do it sporadically. I like to record my thoughts. Sometimes they are very long. Sometimes I think, it makes no sense, recording them in a language which is not my mother language.
But most of all it is important for me to record them. No matter, if they are in english or german.
I am blogging now for 5 Years (!) and I am happy, I record many thoughts through my Blog.

This is what I wore today. A cardigan from my mother, coz it was cold. I had a pink sweater under the cardigan with a golden "Kingdom" font.

Also I heard today most Seiko Matsuda.

And I changed my Blog Layout ...again.  I was looking at old Layouts and this one I use right now is just stunning. Ok, still not perfect in my eyes, but stunning...overall.