Today I read on a Blog I follow, about another Blogger getting abmahnung (Is that really an english word? Using warning for that...)
This Blogger had to pay for 1 Picture over 8000€ !!!!!!!!!!!!!
That's in Dollars 10260!!!!!
Are you kidding me, german laws?
I don't know what Picture it was, I only know, it was an picture where she forgot to give credits.
Right now, some german people buy the copyrights for all pictures, they can find on googles picture site.
That is ridiculous!

One of the reasons for my hiatus will be this / is this Blog Post I read today.

I don't want to pay that much for just 1 Picture, which copyright I don't own!
I am sure, I don't use any pics, which are not mine, but also a Link can give me trouble! Also a link to a youtube video.
Insane laws! Just insane!!!!
Most of my blog posts are down for now.....
Maybe they will come back...
I am just lucky, I using these japanese Websites for graphic and background images.
Happy, they giving all the graphic for free, so no german lawyer can come to me and say:
Pay 8000€ for this background!

Crazy just crazy!

Just think about, if you're a tumblrer and you're reblogging like crazy..
Look how many Posts you have and add this with 10260 Dollars.

Then you know how crazy it will be, when someone comes and say: Pay please!
You will never see me reblogging anything, and if i do i am sure, I delete this soon.
Super quick,....

Well ok, I am tired now.. I didn't even wanted to blog....

But I honestly wonder, what will happen to german tumblrers with all the reblogging...

I am not giving away my right for all the pictures, I publish here. So no german people can buy Tuner Pictures or Pictures with my Face or Pictures from my Food or my Cloud Pictures.
They are mine, mine, mine!
I have no problem, if you want to use them. Just tell me and credit me.
I will look, for what you use the picture of course.
Cos a I hate her Post include Pics of me will be not tolerated!

Excuse my english please, I am so tired, I can't even have my eyes open nor thinking correctly....

Meanwhile of my hiatus take a look at sexy Tuner! He did a really sexy pose, he? :D