Do you know that feeling of being so envy about something it literally is written on your forehead and at the same time you are so sad and depressed you can't even cry? I have this feeling right now. 

I am ranting my twitter timeline and Facebook about this since a couple of days now. Sorry to everyone who is following me.

But sometimes you need to write it out of yourself, to get this feeling away, eh?!
Sure you also could talk to a friend but ...
Bffs answer was:  " 
I also saw P!nk a couple of times not. "

(She is a huge fan, #1 Fan of P!nk but already attend a lot of concerts. )

This really helps ..., not :(
Because P!nk is not Shoko. 
P!nk is a international star. She tours over the world. Shoko not. I hope Shoko will come back to Europe soon and then I will book tickets. No matter what. 
I wasn't that sad when Ayu was in Europe. Weird eh?
Ranting over.
 I am such a child, huh?
Yah, get over it .... I know.


iPhone cleaning

Oops my iPhone is full... Again. Hehe I thought let's do a post before the pictures will be stored on a external hardrive. :)

Haha I am calling my mom right now while writing this post. Loving it writing via iPhone. :D

Blurry the background cos I dunno if it is allowed to share. Hehe what am I doing here?? (0.0)

This clouds!! Looking so so nice.

Tuner!!! :D

Ah so nice!! Everything golden. I enjoy this peaceful views.

At bffs birthday we went out for some bowling. Was so nice.:)

Rain rain so much rain last month.. And what is Tuner making there? He looks like seeing someone. But I don't remember anyone was there...

Tuner meet such a cute kitty. He was all gentlemen. No barking etc. 

I bet everyone has such weird pictures in their phones eh? Haha dunno how it happens.


My recent twitter profile pic.:)

Sweet Lenne. (0.0)v


Having fun at Alexanderplatz. This is near Fernsehturm.

Check the nails in this pic. Hehe I've tried some out before in a store but not liked them much.

I wonder if there is a person living in Paris, France who never had visited berlin but wanted to visit it since forever. Like me wanna visit France but never was there before. The japanexpo is right now and shoko nakagawa is there. What she doing right now? It's 17:30 . Maybe a concert? I so jealous about all the people can see her. Understand all the hate I've got back with dir en grey from fans. I also grrr about people can see her but aren't fans. But wait... Not really grrr more envy. Sigh..:/

Hey you from Paris! Let's trade our apartment for a week! You can see berlin and I can see your city! :D deal???

Listening to Alizees new album ATM. Really good. At least I can listen French music. Chanson.:)

You don't know what this is, eh?
Hehe I won't tell you. 
Ok a bit. It's a game. Not online game. But you can check online for it.

My I go out with Tuner outfit. 

I always wear comfy clothes. Not stylish ones.

Comfy is IN. Haha

Remember the gold picture above? This was it before. World is wonderful.

Still don't know what this is or for what this was used. Anyone?

Ok this should be enough for now. It really is annoying that with any new picture I put up here the blogger app is bringing me back to the beginning. 


July first

Good morning! :) or should I write good night?

Hehe I've got told looking cute with wet hair. :3

Making me happy. (^.^)~

I should go to sleep, eh? 

So late now.


Football was on TV! And I can not sleep when this happens:

!!!!! :(

Luckily we won and the people are now silence. 

I can sleep now.

Good night.