Dangerous wild, you are!

 The title was randomly used, because I listen to a Song with this title right now.
 I do this always, when I have no idea, what title to use. ^.^

I was tweeting today:

When I check back my haters blogs, all I do is to have a good laugh. :'D Like Suezilla and Fatzilla... haha
That reminds me, I do not need to be sad about myself. Like having bad thoughts, coz of these ppl. I am good, just the way I am.
Remember, whenever someone insults you, check back their blogs now and then. While YOU improve, these people will alway be under your Level!


No, no I am not mean. At least I try to be not. I believe, no one can say, he is only a good person. We all having our dark sides. It is up to us, which side we let out.
Well, have a happy easter and....

Hakuna Matata. ♥