Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Went to the Doc today and...cried.
I thought, when I finish operation, I'll be alright, but eeeeh nope.
It seems, it just begun.
I shall not write about it, so personal and all, but I need to. I don't talk to my inner circle about this. I don't wanna talk to anyone, yet I make it public on my blog?
I am weird...

I need to go for check ups now and then, that means: Blood tests over and over again.
The more I think of it, the more it makes me sad. And I do not wanna be sad!
I don't wanna write over and over again, how sad I am.

Don't worry! I'll be ok! Just time can heal it! :)

 This mornings clouds. I still love to take pictures from heaven.

Today a boy came to me with crazy blue eyes. While I was on my way home, drinking my Capri Sonne, he asked me:
Are you over 18?

I still look young ehehehehe :)
That was something nice happening today after the doctor meeting.
Just listening to someones stranger voice. I never thought, a stranger voice could cheer me up.
He was with a girlfriend there and she talked a bit to me, too.

I've bought this hat yesterday, because i thought, it was cool.
Well, it looks weird.
Just like me haha :)

At the end of the day, all I have, is hope.
And now I stop here.
Writing down this little piece, remembering what happend today, was good.
It cheered me up. :)

And yes, I still make english vocabulary mistakes.