Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Beatles fab four ever

I've visited a The Beatles event.
Beatles flowers wow! *_*

There was alot of merchandising. Really interesting to see.

This wall is the perfect selfie place. So attention! Some Selfies now:

Ok stopping here... hehe :)

I don't know, if these are the real ones, the boys used. But I doubt it, since they're looking new and not used.

I've never seen something like this! What is this? How does it sounds? I need to find out!
Here a close up:

You could listen to the Albums at a place there.
And there was a Wall with all of their Albums. That looked good. Here a close up to one:

On the air? Isn't it wrong? On Air is correct, huh?

Here is me and my golden CD! haha.
Some written papers. The next two are originals!
When they were at Star Club. The money they've got must be now around 900 Dollar.
And this one is around 250 Dollar.
So cheap! I also could have bought them back then haha....
Now handwritten Biographys of them!

John Lennon:

Peter Best:

George Harrison:

Paul Mc Cartney.
Then there was a small place for John Lennon's Work:

With pictures he painted.

And now just some more Selfies. :)

Me and the Beatles.
Finally I can walk the Abbey Road! :D

Walking walking so much to see! :D

Ending this Post with a Video! There was a game where you could walk but I honestly did not understand the sense of it haha