When I was young

By adventitious I've found super old pictures of myself from the agency, I was signed.
Yees, this was so long ago, I forgot about it. Must be 2005 or 2006.
Also i forgot, because never anything happend.
These are the pictures, they've made off me and put online.
Hold on! They are horrid as fuuu*

Dat fat! :O
*I am ashamed, but the cake over there looks too good.*

Dat Chibi-Lenne face!
I look like a Zombie! :O
ahahahaha omg

This Model agency really put them on their Website, no wonder, they no longer exists...
(Man, that sounds so evil for my own person...)

Nah, but for real. I believe, they just scammed me.
Come on, who would hire me as a model with these pictures?



Ah it has been so long since my last post. Not good, not good. But this time not my laziness or I don't know what to say is the reason. This time I went to hospital. For almost 2 weeks. I recover right now from operation and then I will slowly start to blog again. :)
I hope, my english not became worse since I not thought much in english the last weeks.
Anyways Summer is over soon, eh?
Ok, I start writing boring things...
Let's stop this.



Do you know that feeling of being so envy about something it literally is written on your forehead and at the same time you are so sad and depressed you can't even cry? I have this feeling right now. 

I am ranting my twitter timeline and Facebook about this since a couple of days now. Sorry to everyone who is following me.

But sometimes you need to write it out of yourself, to get this feeling away, eh?!
Sure you also could talk to a friend but ...
Bffs answer was:  " 
I also saw P!nk a couple of times not. "

(She is a huge fan, #1 Fan of P!nk but already attend a lot of concerts. )

This really helps ..., not :(
Because P!nk is not Shoko. 
P!nk is a international star. She tours over the world. Shoko not. I hope Shoko will come back to Europe soon and then I will book tickets. No matter what. 
I wasn't that sad when Ayu was in Europe. Weird eh?
Ranting over.
 I am such a child, huh?
Yah, get over it .... I know.