Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Market 2014

 Went to the christmas market by chance today!
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A bit of rain came, but we were in the shops at that time. :)
Saturn has such a huge CD Place. Heaven! *c*
I only bought some really cute Star Wars Light Saber candys for the kiddies. :D
Adorable. :)
 Hehe, it seems I always only visit this Market at Alexanderplatz... How boring, eh?
At least, my pictures becoming better each year. :)
 I must say, with blue sky it surely would look better. Or some white clouds within the sky.
I guess, I always manage to go, when it is a rainy Day. Just check my old entrys. Each time it was raining.
Haha :'D
But always not heavy. It is now raining, while I am writing this.

 Aww! I love merry-go-round!
 I didn't knew, I was focus on me and make the background blurry.
-  Bratwurst -
I had to take a picture of this. So typical german. I love Bratwurst!
Bratwurst ist lecker! :D
 I didn't recognized this bear until my friend told me. Even in front of me, I did not saw him haha.
Embarassing max...

 Stars to buy. :)
 Für immer = For ever.
It is lovely. ♥
And then my camera card was full. :X
I've deleted some pics and got this one at the end. I didn't saw LOVE standing at the building.
Wonderful! :D