Wednesday, August 27, 2014


What is it about, when 2 People are in a relationship, changing their Status to in a relationship, that others starting to write things like: Congratulation! Good Luck! I am happy for you!

Is it a must in our society, that we need to write them Congrats?

But what about the Single?
Why do they don't get a Congratulation for being all alone? Why do they do not get a thumb up for being alone?

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

9lives - Liars

I love scrobble on Lastfm and more or less it seems I have some controverse over there.
Yesterday evening I've got a mail there:

Hi! Could you show your Box edition of that album, please? c:
(Listen to Shoko for 3-4 years, but deleted all scrobbles because of bad tags. Scrobbling her again. c:)

I've replied:

ok here it is:

You can also check my library for correct tags. :) 
(If you wonder why it looks so damaged. It actually is only the plastic....The box itself is clear. You can check my Tumblr for more Pics, ;)  )
Could you take more photos? I am curious about it. c: (I have just checked the charge of this edition out. Expensive. :D)
Well, "9lives" tags are 100% correct.

Oh yeah, this box really is expensive. :(
Is it ok for you to wait a bit? I am going to make better quality pictures of them tomorrow and upload them on my blog:

Okay! Waiting for them!
Good blog!
I mean, here, on "LastFm".

I've made a total of 20 pictures.
There are up on my Shoko Blog now. :)

Here are the most important for you: (I guess)
I guess, this is equal to the normal CD+DVD Edition.
A better view from the picture I've send you yesterday.
This is a Book with Story's and Pictures of Shoko and her cats.
There is also a Shirt inside. The size can be large, I guess. Even chubby people can wear it, I guess.
This is me wearing it.

Overall for a Fan this Box is really a must have, but for people only listening to the music, the CD only Version is enough.
Or, if you wanna see her Concert, the CD+DVD Version. :)
I've bought mine on Yesasia. It is cheaper there then on cdjapan.

Small photos. c:Thanks for photos. Great edition!
Well, I have downloaded DVD.ISO. Some day I will watch it.I would buy, but I haven't got enough money for it. :c
Damn it! I just helped such a person. :X

Of course the Box Edition is expensive, what do you even want, huh?
There is not only a CD inside. There is also a DVD (which that Person downloaded....urrrggghs), a Book and a Shirt. A Shirt from MMTS. So a real Designer Shirt. WHat you expect to pay for it? 10 bucks?
People like this ones making me grrrrrr max.
I am also not the richest girl in the world, but I save up money, to buy such expensive things.
For example still don't know, how to buy the newest Box from Shoko Nakagawa, which will come out in not even a month. (I will wait until I know, what is inside and then decide to buy or not. But as far as I know me, it'll be a instant buy after I see what's inside.)

Phrases like I would buy, but I haven't got enough money for it. :c are just excuses to not buying it at any time. It's not, that this Album came out one week ago. That Person had 4 month now to save up money and get a Copy of it. But no! Instead he asking someone for Scans! Luckily for my laziness I only did the most Informational Pictures. Info Pics for non japanese resident living people to know, what is inside of the Box, so they can decide to buy. Still, this makes me mad max. Don't ask me for help, when you do not wanna buy it at all!
I guess, this was a lecture for me. I started to put up pictures from Shoko's Singles and I gonna stop with this now. I paid for it!
It is not fair, right? I pay but he not! Evil he! :(

Oh yes, this person also send me a friend request. I hope, he know nows, with this Post what my answer is... Seems like he never heard of my I don't like illegal download controverse....
But is it a must have now for me to upload my entire CD Collection of everything, you see on my Lastfm?
Bleh, no. Bloody hell no.
I am a collector and yes I love to take pictures from all of my CD's. And so...erm I put a small Picture of my CD Collection up now:

 Only Shoko Nakagawa CD's in here.
 Still not well-ordered.
 First row Ayumi Hamasaki Album's. Second row also Ayumi Hamasaki Albums and others.
 Ayu's M Single. Shoko's Sakasama Sekai CD+DVD Editions and kira kira round.
 Aya Matsuura CD's Morning Musume and Ayu. Second row Kumi Koda Lindsay Lohan and several OST's.
My Jewel. A signed Album by Rainie Yang. :3
Ah putting up the pictures and writing about them calms me down.

Spending my lifetime with my beloved ones

I am in love with this picture:
This is the Instagram version, I share here the normal iPhone edition:
I've made series pictures and here are their:

Haha what he looks alike here? 
After this came my favorite shoot and then this:

So much Tuner, huh? 
Ok here is one of my face:

It was a nice day.