Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Songs of innocence

You're a fan of U2?
Then hold your breath, because I am giving you a information now, which will be mindblowing!

The new album "Songs of Innocence"
Is now available on ITunes for
Hold on...


If you have a iTunes account you are a happy person now by having the album
Hold on...
Already in your library!! (Ok in your cloud but whatever!)

Yes isn't this amazing?
All you have to do is downloading it!

And now time to listen to it!❤️
And scrobble.:D

Berlin berlin

Hi! ��

Today's post with many nice pictures from old buildings.:3

I went to a church and this is so pretty.
The angels, the details, just wow.
Isn't it amazing, how much work the people doing in this? I am really amazed.
How it sounds?
My neck hurt by looking up all the time. That church truly is pretty.

Now some "CL try's to be a photograph" pictures.

Am I good in it? :D

For heavens sake! What am I doing here haha...

I am boring haha...

You see how high this is??

Hold on, don't fall....:::3
Got it!

Yeah look at me, that silly looking girl haha...
Ending another boring post.
Mission fulfilled.

I know I need to touch up my roots but hey! I've got operated and dun know if it is ok to do so aka I am afraid of doing it so....

Friday, September 5, 2014

What are you doing to me?

Recently Tuner always run away from home.
I don't know why but it makes me dizzy.
Dizzy of fear. 
Today again he run away. Luckily he got found at a friends home searching for his girlfriend there. ( we think)

I hope he will stop doing this.
What a lucky dog he is! Running on streets and never got hit by a car!
So so lucky Tuner!
Still I need to find out how to end this.
He cannot run away always.
One day he will be not lucky.
Oh the dizziness in my head.
This is the first time he was found at darkness. Really, really afraid me. 
Please stop it Tuner!